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Do I really need professional headshots?

If you:

  • own your own business

  • provide professional services

  • have a website or blog

  • have a LinkedIn profile or any other social media presence

  • are an artist, an actor or a real estate agent

  • are currently using a selfie to represent yourself

Then, you need professional headshots!

Here are 3 reasons a professional headshot is so important:

  1. First impressions are so important in this fast paced digital world. Customers, hiring managers and other important contacts will make a decision based on the photo they see. Make this first impression a great one.

  2. A polished headshot is necessary for online, as well as offline marketing. You'll need it for your LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook, your website, profile pages, dating sites, etc. And you'll have it when you need it for printed marketing, guest appearances, professional meetings, etc.

  3. A professional headshot will show you at your best. A poor quality photo taken in unflattering light, or a selfie taken with your cell phone, will not convey the look of professionalism. A professional photography will capture and create photos that will bring out your unique style and personality.

If you have any questions about professional headshots, please contact me at

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