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Cristina Schaffer Photography Front Porch Portraits

UPDATE: I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this campaign to help raise donations for Feeding San Diego. Some of the donations were matched at 100%, about $5000, so all in all, WE raised about $11,000!!! My heart is so full.

The Front Porch Portrait campaign is over, but the need continues. Please donate if you can! 

I hope to see all of you again, very soon.

Front Porch Portrait Project

These are unprecedented times. Social distancing and staying at home is challenging; financially and emotionally. We are missing school and work; rescheduling important events; caring for our kids and our elders; some of us, who own businesses, have had to lay off employees who are like family to us. We know that we will get through this crazy time if we work together. And our new definition of “working together” is by staying safely apart.

As the safe-distancing mandate continues, I am raising money for Feeding San Diego by offering Front Porch Portraits. In a nutshell, I will drive to your home and capture a few portraits of you and your family on your front porch. The portrait will capture this time in our lives and be a historical reminder of what we are experiencing. This can provide a needed distraction for you and the kids.  Of course, we will adhere to all CDC recommendations of safe distancing.

What I ask in return is that you donate to Feeding San Diego. I am doing this so that, while we maintain our safe spaces, we can also work together in helping provide food assistance in our community. A few days after I capture the photos, I will email to you a high-resolution digital file of your portrait. 

Please help me support Feeding San Diego as the organization continues to respond to the community's needs during the coronavirus outbreak. Your support helps give people in need access to healthy food at all times, but especially in times of crisis.

1 in 8 families in San Diego is food insecure.

Every $1 you give helps provide 4 meals.

Thanks, everyone. Be safe and spread kindness.

Cristina Schaffer Photography Front Porch Portraits
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